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Empowering Through Education; Parental Support; and Institutions, Communities, & Organizations

A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to Supporting Literacy

A.P.P.E.A.L. INC is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that relies on donations and grants. The organization is dedicated to building parents' capacity for helping their pre-K through 8th-grade children learn to read and read to learn. Through donations, it provides parents with the tools needed to understand reading strategies needed for correcting reading deficits and maintaining reading achievement levels.

Give the Gift of Learning

  • Building parents capacity to help children learn to read and read to learn
  • Promoting and Supporting Literacy
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Adopt a Family

Families come in all configurations and sizes; nevertheless, they have one thing in common: the desire to move their children from learning to read to reading to learn. Support a family by providing the resources needed to do the job. It may be a parent desiring to prepare a child for kindergarten-readiness or a parent with an English language learner developing language proficiency. How about grandparents who are desirous of assisting grandchildren or a homeless parent whose children are impacted by instability? Whatever the case, if you know a parent who is unable to fund tutoring services, provide this parent with these reading intervention resources, and we will contribute 30-minutes of free consultation. We will guide the parents in the use of these resources. Give the gift of learning! Donate today!

Adopt a School or a Teacher

Get involved in building partnerships between communities, families, and schools. Be aware of the school's student achievement score and donate the resources needed to strengthen parents' ability to help raise those scores. Help the school's PTO/PTA to develop parent academies by contributing reading resources that parents can use for practical approaches to helping close reading deficits. Donate resources that counselors and school administrators can share with parents to help their struggling readers. Donate to a school's special education or reading intervention department. They could benefit from additional resources. A school may have a huge population of English language learners whose parents would benefit from learning the strategies needed for becoming engaged in helping their children learn to read in English. Support a school by donating to its family engagement mission. Give the gift of learning! Donate today!

Adopt an Organization

There are many nonprofit organizations with a mission to help parents become engaged and involved in their children's learning. Support these organizations by donating the very resources they need to help build parent capacity. Help these organizations provide the resources parents need to help their children learn to read and read to learn. Give the gift of learning. Donate today!

Adopt an Institution

Hospitals and rehabilitation centers usually provide activities that keep long-term recovering children uplifted, entertained, and educated throughout the long healing process. It is understood that children who are faced with long-term care are missing out on academics, so educational activities are ideal. No doubt these children miss school. Children miss the daily learning process. You can contribute to enriching institutional activities by donating reading resource materials that are aligned to the schools' curriculum and designed for easy use. This will ensure that as parents spend extended time with recovering children in long-term care, one of the activities that parents or caregivers could engage in is helping these children maintain their reading level. Parents, children, and caregivers will enjoy using these educational resources. Donate a few sets of these resources to a children's hospital or children's unit within a hospital!

Give the Gift of Learning!

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